Meet the Team

Dan Martin

At AIP, we believe firmly in the importance of safety training, and that prevention is always the best safety policy to follow. Our team has strong foundations in, and understanding of, the core elements and requirements of today’s health and safety environment.
We have dedicated ourselves to improving your workplace safety, and to take that to the next level, we want you to know who you’re dealing with when you choose us. The people behind the company and the faces you’ll see when you walk through the door. 
Each month we will feature another AIP Team member. Feel free to reach out and ask questions and make sure you say hello when you come in! 
First up, Instructor Extraordinaire: Dan Martin. 
Dan is a senior instructor at AIP Safety and has been since the spring of 2005. Dan specializes in awareness in regards to industrial hygiene as well as the corporate implementation of policies. He holds a degree in Occupational Health& Safety and is qualified to instruct H2S Alive, Confined Space Entry, Fall Protection, Elevated Work Platform, Forklift, Asbestos, Mold, First Aid, and Ergonomics. So you know, he can do it all and has been for over 15 years.
Dan has a background in Fire and Rescue, has worked in Pulp and Paper, Forestry, Road Building, Oil and Gas drilling and Pipelining, and has also been a Fire Service Instructor.
In 2018, when Dan isn’t working on the summer opening of the new office in Toronto, he will be in Yellowknife assisting a client for the entire implementation of their new health and safety program. If you manage to catch him in the halls make sure you say hi!