Meet The Team

Maggie Magill


Our February exceptional employee feature: Maggie Magill 

Maggie comes to us from Ireland and has been here for approximately two years on a working visa. She has a background in customer service and administration and plans to reside in Canada permanently one day.

When asked why Maggie chose AIP Safety Ltd. she replied "Working at AIP we are treated like family, not just as an employee. We're really made to feel appreciated."

Have you ever been saved from showing up to a job with an expired certificate because you received a handy email letting you know the expiration date and when you could book into a class to rectify the problem? You can thank Maggie for that. Not only does she handle the certificate reminders but Maggie is responsible for organizing offsite equipment, making sure the instructors are prepared for their courses, company vehicle checks and most of the customer service inquiries and concerns.

If you need it done, chances are Maggie knows how.