Bear Awareness Course

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This course is applicable to anyone who plans on enjoying outdoor activities in these regions and wishes to co-exist safely in the Bears natural habitat as well as workers who are stationed in some of these remote areas.

Upon completion of this course you will have a better understanding of the nature of bears and how to identify, avoid and prevent bear encounters in order to keep yourself, the bears and those around you safe. This certificate is available for a period of 3 years.

Course Description

The population of both Grizzly and Black bears is on the rise in western Canada with many bears frequenting the mountainous and foothill areas. This increase in bear numbers, along with the continued popularity of outdoor exploration and activities in both the Rocky Mountains and various parks and campgrounds throughout Alberta and BC creates the potential for a bear encounter.

Most confrontations between bears and humans can be avoided when people have a firm understanding of bear behavior and reasons for bear encounters.

This 4 hour Bear Awareness Training in Calgary is designed to provide individuals with information on bear avoidance, awareness and identification. This course includes both classroom theory and outdoor practical exercises.

Course Objectives

  • Black Bear and Grizzly Bear identification
  • Bear ecology
  • Understanding Bear behavior
  • Habitat and potential encounters
  • Hazard Recognition: food sources and bear signs
  • Preventative Measures: while hiking, camping or working in the field
  • Camp Set-up
  • Response techniques for encounters in the field
  • Non–lethal deterrents
  • How to safely use, handle and store bear spray
  • How to safely transport bear spray
  • First Aid Treatment for bear spray exposure
  • Review of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for bear spray
  • Noise Deterrents
  • Outdoor practical demonstration on the proper use of bear spray

Blended Training

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