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Fall Protection Equipment Inspection

Inspecting fall protection equipment is vital in maintaining a comprehensive and safe fall protection program. Following the guidelines of CSA Z259.17:21, AIP Safety provides top-tier inspection services, which are crucial for ensuring the efficiency and safety of your fall protection equipment, as outlined in Alberta Occupational Health and Safety.

Under the Canada Occupational Safety and Health Regulations (SOR/86-304, Sections 12.01 to 12.09), employers must provide a fall protection system for work at 3 metres or more or lesser heights with increased risks. The Occupational Health and Safety Code, 191/2021, Part 9, Sections 138-161 stipulates that protection is required at various heights and conditions, with precise equipment inspection and maintenance guidelines.

Each piece of equipment, including lifelines, harnesses, lanyards, and self-retracting lifelines (SRLs), must be inspected before each use and at least annually by a job site Competent Person. This may vary if the manufacturer specifies more frequent inspections. Inspections are necessary to identify damage from wear, harsh conditions, or improper storage, such as tears, bent hooks, corrosion, or mildew, which could compromise safety.

Our Services Include:

Inspections by Competent Personnel

Conducted in line with the CSA Z259.17:21 standard to ensure the highest level of safety. We inspect:

  • Harnesses: Check for damaged stitching, burns, and proper attachment at hardware points. Inspect webbing, belt ends, buckles, and D-rings.
  • Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRLs): Given their complex internal mechanisms, ensure all components like springs, brake pawls, and the lifeline itself are intact. Labels should be legible, and the housing and connectors should be undamaged.
  • Horizontal Lifelines: These systems require immediate inspection after a fall and routine checks for signs of metal deterioration, as well as damage to ropes, sleeves, and connectors.
  • Vertical Lifelines: Regular inspections should confirm the integrity of the lifeline, ladder structures, and harnesses. Ensure all components, including brackets and cables, are in good condition.
  • Rigid Lifelines: Annual inspections are necessary, mainly to check for signs of impact on the trolley, welds, and bolt connections.

Comprehensive Inspection Documentation

Keeping detailed records for your safety audits and peace of mind.

Informed Equipment Recommendations

Guiding you in choosing the most effective fall protection solutions.

Streamlined Equipment Sourcing

Assisting in procuring the right equipment efficiently.

Eco-Friendly Disposal Options

Providing safe and sustainable options for disposing of old or damaged equipment.

Fall Protection Equipment Inspection Standards

OSHA, ANSI, and CSA all provide specific standards that guide the inspection and maintenance of fall protection equipment. Systems impacted by a fall must be immediately removed from service and inspected before reuse. This proactive approach ensures the safety of all equipment users and compliance with legal safety standards.

AIP Safety’s Professional Inspection Services

AIP Safety offers tailored fall protection equipment inspection services that align with safety standards and industry best practices. Our services ensure your equipment is compliant and workers are safe, backed by detailed documentation and expert recommendations. If your business requires professional fall protection equipment inspection, please get in touch with our Calgary office at 403-202-2477 for further assistance.

Fall Protection Equipment Inspection in Calgary

Fall Protection Equipment Inspection FAQs

What standards does AIP Safety follow for fall protection equipment inspections?

AIP Safety conducts fall protection equipment inspections per CSA Z259.17:21 standards. This ensures that all inspections meet the highest level of safety as mandated by Alberta Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

What can I expect from an inspection by AIP Safety?

During an inspection, our competent personnel will thoroughly examine your fall protection equipment to assess its condition and functionality. We provide comprehensive documentation of each inspection, which includes detailed records that can be used for safety audits and to maintain compliance with industry standards.

How does AIP Safety help with fall protection equipment after an inspection?

After inspection, AIP Safety offers informed recommendations on the most effective fall protection solutions tailored to your needs. We also assist in streamlining the sourcing of necessary equipment, ensuring you get the right tools efficiently and conveniently.

What does AIP Safety offer regarding the disposal of old or damaged fall protection equipment?

We provide eco-friendly disposal options for old or damaged fall protection equipment, ensuring that materials are disposed of safely and sustainably. This service helps you maintain compliance with environmental regulations while updating or replacing your safety gear.