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Safety Team / Standby Rescue

There are always risks when employees conduct routine maintenance, inspections, repairs, and cleaning in confined spaces. AIP safety promotes that on-site rescue is the most efficient way to mitigate situations where workers' well-being may be in danger. Having access to a qualified standby rescue team in Calgary can be critical in dangerous workplace situations.

Since a full-time rescue team may not be feasible for various reasons, AIP can provide a fully trained and equipped safety team and/or standby rescue team to assist you in providing timely rescue in the event of an incident that could negatively affect your workers.

A safety team in Calgary can be provided for a multitude of incidents, including Confined Space (Hatch watch, Rescue), Emergency Medical Standby, High-Angle Rescue, Low-Angle Rescue, HAZMAT Decon, and HAZMAT Mitigation.

Confined Space (Hatch Watch, Rescue)

This service provides specialized rescue operations for confined spaces such as tanks, vessels, and shafts. Teams monitor safety from the hatch and are prepared to execute immediate rescue operations to safely extract individuals in case of an emergency.

Emergency Medical Standby

Offers on-site emergency medical services for events, construction sites, and industrial settings. This includes having trained medical professionals ready to respond immediately to health emergencies, providing first aid, and stabilizing patients until further medical help is available.

High-Angle Rescue

Specialized rescue service designed for emergencies at heights, such as towers, cranes, and tall buildings. Teams are trained to use ropes and other technical equipment to safely rescue individuals from high places.

Low-Angle Rescue

This focus is on rescues from less steep environments, where ropes and anchoring systems are still required, but the technical demands are lower than those for high-angle rescues. This might include slopes or embankments.


Provides decontamination services in environments contaminated with hazardous materials. Teams are equipped to clean and decontaminate individuals and equipment, preventing further exposure and ensuring safety.

HAZMAT Mitigation:

Involves methods and practices to manage and reduce the severity of emergencies involving hazardous materials. This includes containment, neutralization, and secure removal of hazardous substances to prevent contamination and protect public safety.

AIP safety will assess, recommend, and acquire the necessary personnel and equipment to provide you with the best service possible if your employees need assistance. AIP personnel are trained to the NFPA 1001 standard for professional firefighters. Other training includes skills such as HAZMAT Technicians, Rope rescue technicians, Emergency first aid providers, and Emergency Medical Technicians. All AIP rescue personnel have years of experience in emergency response to the public and private sectors.

If your business is interested in utilizing standby rescue services, please get in touch with our Calgary office at 403-202-2477, and one of our knowledgeable staff will assist you. We're here to help you ensure a safer work environment with effective and reliable solutions.

Safety Team Standby Rescue Services in Calgary

Safety Team/Standby Rescue FAQs

What types of rescue services does AIP offer?

AIP provides various rescue services, including confined space rescue (with hatch watch), emergency medical standby, high-angle rescue, low-angle rescue, hazmat decontamination, and hazmat mitigation.

Can AIP provide rescue teams for both short-term and long-term projects?

AIP can provide a safety or standby rescue team in Calgary for short-term and long-term projects in various industries.

What qualifications do AIP rescue personnel hold?

AIP rescue personnel are trained to the NFPA 1001. Our other personnel include HAZMAT technicians, Rope rescue technicians, Emergency first aid providers, and Emergency Medical Technicians.

What industries does AIP typically serve with their standby rescue services?

We can provide services for any industry, but we typically work with oil and gas companies, mining companies, infrastructure and building maintenance companies, power generation companies, and much more.