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Offsite Training

AIP recognizes the logistical challenges that businesses often face when trying to arrange employee training. Traveling to a training facility can disrupt schedules and impact productivity. To accommodate your business's unique needs and ensure that training remains a convenient and efficient process, AIP has designed all its courses to be available in an offsite safety training format.

Whether you're looking to train your team in Confined Space Awareness Training, Fall Protection, or any other program we offer, our instructors will bring you the necessary materials and expertise. Our approach allows employees to receive training in a familiar environment, potentially enhancing learning outcomes and information retention.

Simply put: same courses, the same certification, but we come to you.

Our offsite training option is crafted to provide flexibility and minimize disruption to your daily operations. By eliminating the need for your team to travel, we help you save time and reduce logistical complexities. Our goal is to support your workforce's development and safety needs in the most seamless way possible, ensuring that they acquire vital knowledge and skills without the inconvenience of being away from their work site.

To arrange for offsite training or learn more about how this option can benefit your organization, please get in touch with our Calgary office at 403-202-2477. Our team is ready to customize our training solutions to fit your requirements, ensuring your employees are well-prepared and confident in their roles.

Off Site Training Services in Calgary

Offsite Safety Training FAQs

Why choose offsite safety training?

Choosing offsite training can reduce employees’ travel time and expenses, minimize disruption to daily operations, and allow training to be tailored to the specific workplace environment and hazards employees may face. It also facilitates team-building and ensures that all relevant staff can attend the training together.

How can I ensure the chosen offsite location is suitable for training?

The suitability of an offsite location depends on the space available, the ability to accommodate the necessary equipment, access to necessary utilities (like power and water), and the ability to create an environment conducive to learning. It’s important to discuss these requirements with the training provider in advance.

How do we arrange offsite safety training?

Arranging offsite safety training typically involves contacting a training provider to discuss your needs, scheduling, location, number of participants, and any specific hazards or focus areas you want the training to address. The provider will then work with you to plan and implement the training session.

Is offsite training recognized and certified?

Yes, offsite training courses provided by accredited and reputable training organizations are recognized and certified like in-house courses. Participants will receive the same certification upon successful completion of the course.

What courses do you offer offsite training for?

All of our courses are available for offsite training, provided that you have the proper equipment to facilitate the training you’re interested in. For example, Forklift training requires a forklift to be available on-site.