Confined Space Training – Train the Trainer Course

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Upon completion of this course you will be certified to conduct your own Confined Space training program.

In order to receive your permanent instructor certification you are required to complete an audit within 1 year of the training.

Once you complete the Train the Trainer program you will receive a temporary instructor certificate. You will receive the permanent instructor certificate (1 wallet and 1 wall certificate) once you have successfully completed your audit.

Audit cost: $500.00 per instructor

Course Description

Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Code defines a confined space as a restricted space that may become hazardous to a worker entering it because of

a) An atmosphere that is or may be injurious by reason of oxygen deficiency or enrichment, flammability, explosivity or toxicity

b) A condition or changing set of circumstances within that space that presents a potential for injury or illness

c) The potential or inherent characteristics of an activity which can produce adverse or harmful consequences within the space.

Confined spaces present special hazards to workers including risks of toxic or asphyxiant gas exposure, fires, falls and entrapment. Workers need to remain aware of these potential hazards and how to avoid or control them in their day to day work activity.

This comprehensive 32 Hour Confined Space Train the Trainer course will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully provide a quality training experience.

Topics of instruction specific to Confined Space will include:

  • How to identify a confined space
  • Hazards of confined spaces
  • Exposure limits
  • Relevant legislation
  • Safe work procedures
  • Codes of practice
  • Preparation for entry (pre-entry meetings)
  • Lock-out procedures
  • Safe work permits
  • Rescue procedures
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus use
  • Harness, winch and tripod use
  • Communication skills
  • Post-entry debriefing

Course Objectives

  • Facilitate a positive learning environment
  • Use the principles of adult learning to improve learning results
  • Deliver training that meets the delegate's needs
  • Prepare visual aids that are clear, effective and related to the topic
  • Eliminate and/or handle classroom inconveniences.
  • Conflict resolution
  • Prepare to deliver a training session
  • Visual Media (Pros and Cons)
  • Lead a classroom discussion so it meets the desired outcomes for the participants and the intended learning objective
  • Identify personal training style , beliefs and opinions
  • Regardless of the topic, how to present it in a manner that makes any material fun and let the training message across and make it stick


You must complete or have previously completed the following course before enrolling:

Classroom Training

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