Hearing Conservation Program Course

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This course is applicable to any worker who is exposed to noise requiring the use of hearing protection throughout their day. Industries may include, but are not limited to, Oil and Gas, industrial, manufacturing, farming, construction, heavy equipment operation and roads.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive a 3 year certification in Hearing Conservation and will be better equipped to administer a hearing conservation program

Course Description

Hearing conservation programs are designed to prevent noise induced hearing loss. A written hearing conservation program is required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration whenever employee noise exposures equal or exceed an 8-hour time-weighted average sound level (TWA) of 85 decibels.

Proper training and education of those exposed to noise is the key to preventing noise-induced hearing loss. If employees are properly trained on how to follow a hearing conservation program, then the risk of noise-induced hearing loss is reduced.

This is a 4 hour Hearing Conservation program in Calgary. Your employees will learn about applicable legislation and how to recognize noise hazards.

Course Objectives

  • Applicable legislation (and pending changes)
  • How to recognize noise hazards
  • What the health effects of noise are
  • How to measure hearing loss
  • How to assess and control noise hazards

Classroom Training

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