Hoisting and Rigging Safety Course

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This course is applicable to any worker who is responsible for, supervises or inspects rigging and hoisting operations.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive a 3 year certification in Hoisting and Rigging.

Course Description

A hoist is a device used for lifting or lowering a load by means of a drum or lift-wheel around which rope or chain wraps. It may be manually operated, electrically or pneumatically driven and may use chain, fiber or wire rope as its lifting medium.

Rigging is the equipment such as wire rope, turnbuckles, clevis, jacks used with cranes and other lifting equipment in material handling and structure relocation. Rigging systems commonly include shackles, master links and slings.

It is important that workers involved with hoisting and rigging activities are trained in both safety and operating procedures. Hoisting equipment should only be operated by trained personnel.

Improper use of rigging equipment can lead to catastrophic failure of the hoist, causing serious injury to nearby workers.

This 4 hour Hoisting and Rigging Safety in Calgary course will ensure the student has a clear understanding on how to identify basic hazards and controls, sling loads safely, checking the setup, plan safe raising, moving and lowering of loads through the work area.

Course Objectives

  • Understand responsibilities and safety rules for rigging and hoisting loads

  • Pre-shift inspections of the crane and slings

  • Be able to inspect, select, maintain, and safely use rigging equipment and hardware

  • Understand load ratings, safety factors, and stresses imposed by hoisting

  • Be able to calculate material load weights

  • Hoisting and rigging equipment and identifying the hazards

  • Winching, cables, chains, boomers, slings, securing loads, and the effect of the sling angle

  • Hand signals

  • Written and practical tests including Safe Operating Techniques and Dealing with Company Specific Hazards