Incident Investigation with Root Cause Analysis Course

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This course is applicable to any worker who is responsible for or supervises the investigation after an incident or near miss.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will receive a 3 year certification in incident investigation and root cause analysis.

Course Description

An incident investigation is the account and analysis of an incident based on information gathered by a thorough examination of all contributing factors and causes involved.

An incident can be defined as a sudden, unplanned event that causes or could have caused harm to a person or damage to property. Incidents can happen in any workplace, at any time.

Investigations get to the root causes of the incident, so similar occurrences can be prevented and future losses in the workplace can be avoided. Therefore, it is essential to ensure those who are responsible for investigating incidents are properly trained (Source: Canada Safety Council).

This 4 hour incident investigation and root cause analysis training teaches the importance of near miss reporting and investigation as a proactive tool to control risk before losses/harm occur. This training provides a general background in how investigations and root cause analysis (RCA) are performed.

Course Objectives

  • How to meet regulatory requirements for incident investigations
  • How and why to report near misses
  • How to help a team gather data, especially interviewing of peers
  • Overview of cause determination methods and overview of effective root cause determination methods
  • How to develop appropriate recommendations to address root causes
  • Identify underlying root causes of incidents and near misses
  • Describe the types of inspections
  • Describe how to conduct inspections and record observations
  • Examine different approaches, theories and human factors with incident causation
  • Determine immediate actions, notification and reporting requirements
  • Develop a structured approach for data and evidence collection
  • Determine a systematic method of conducting interviews and targeted witness questioning Apply appropriate techniques to identify the sequence of events
  • Apply various tools to assist the investigative processes
  • Use techniques, models and other methods to identify immediate and root causes
  • Develop a corrective action program, structure reports, controls and follow up
  • Practical exercise which includes performing a incident investigation

Classroom Training

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