Train the Trainer – Loader Operator Course

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Upon successful completion of the Train the Trainer Program, the student will receive a one-year instructor certificate. An audit is required within one year from the time their program is completed. This allows for the evaluator to observe the instructors teaching methods, the interaction with the students, the instructors exposure to various learning styles, and gives the evaluator the opportunity to inspect the equipment the instructor is using.

One Year Audit Cost: Included with Train the Trainer program

Once the instructor has successfully completed the audit process, they will then receive a three-year Instructor Certificate in the form of:

• One Wallet Loader Operator Instructor Certificate that is numbered for validation
• One Wall Loader Operator Instructor Certificate with Red Tail Industries

Course Description

Are you interested in developing and delivering, high quality training programs? Staying up to date and maintaining training is an essential part of occupational health and safety management. Our Train the Trainer – Loader Operator course listed below is designed to provide participants with proper knowledge, techniques and materials needed to successfully teach others a wide variety of health and safety topics and assist your organization in maintaining legislative compliance.
Our Instructor Development Program is mandatory for all of our Instructor Programs. This typically encompasses the first two days of the three day Train the Trainer. Our course involves interactive instructor led role-playing exercises and three-to-five-minute presentations that are performed by each participant at the end of the course. The instructor development component is broken down into the following content modules:

• Dimensions of behaviours
• Principles of Adult Learning
• Fundamentals of Effective Communication
• Facilitation Tools and Tips
• Training Challenges
• Difficult Behaviours
• Developing Effective Presentations
• Presentations Methods
• Questions and Answers

During the three-day course, students will receive all material that is required for their success within the adult teaching world, and their chosen course. A USB data stick will be provided on the first day of training and will include:

• All administrative paperwork
• Specific course material
• Additional Resources; and
• Specific course PowerPoint with videos

Course Overview

Adult learners bring a variety of life experiences, needs and abilities to their learning situations. Educators must respond with strategies and methods that facilitate learning and assist students in achieving their goals.

This program is intended to allow students to gain an in depth understanding of the adult learning world, and their specific chosen program, and to prepare them to instruct their chosen course to their own students. Topics include the principles of adult learning, presentation, teaching techniques, as well as technology integration with classroom management, curriculum design and development. Students will have the opportunity to observe their chosen program, whereby they will learn the components of the program, timeline, and pace of the course. The students will then dissect the course with the instructor, having opportunities to ask questions and learn the course materials. The student will then be faced with co-presenting a course with the other students (if applicable) and the Train the Trainer instructor.

Our Train the Trainer program explores adult learning techniques and instructional design principles and is a prerequisite to all our other train the trainer topics. These students must meet certain standards and requirements in order to be recognized as a certified trainer. A candidate instructor will need to satisfy the below before moving onto the next steps.

Candidate instructors must hold a current and valid Loader Operator ticket, as well as a current and valid standard first aid ticket. If they do not have a current ticket for either, then they will need to obtain a ticket before the Train the Trainer start date. In addition, instructors must have a minimum of three years’ experience with Loader Operator prior to taking the Red Tail Train the Trainer- Loader Operator program.
Experience can be a combination of practical, training and education. Students must submit a resume with the applicable experience and three trade related references, along with liability insurance in the amount of two million. This can be personal, or their host facilities liability insurance.

Summary of requirements for candidate instructor intake:
• Resume of candidate instructor
• Minimum three years’ experience with heavy equipment
• Minimum three relevant work experience references
• Must hold a current and valid Loader Operator certificate by the start date of their Train the Trainer course
• Must hold a current and valid Standard First Aid certification by the start date of their Train the Trainer course
• Liability insurance for the candidate instructor in the amount of two million (personal or host facility)
Once we receive these pieces of information, they will be reviewed, and a skill/knowledge assessment can be arranged and completed with a chief instructor. Please email the above to your training provider or

Course Objectives

  • Learning Objectives of Loader Operator
  • This course provides the fundamentals of safety, equipment characteristics, operations, transportation, regulations, and equipment manufacturers guidelines.
  • • Loader types and styles
  • • Daily inspection procedures
  • • Safe start up procedures
  • • Safe turning and backing
  • • Load safety and management
  • • Safe refurling and battery recharging
  • • Stability and load principles
  • • Safety on ramps and uneven terrain
  • • Manufacturer’s capacity date plate
  • • Transporting a load
  • • Responsibility of users
  • • Evaluation of hazards recognized in various situations
  • • Importance of pro-active safety attitude
  • • Understanding the basic OHS structure and specific codes relating to heavy equipment operation


You must complete or have previously completed the following course before enrolling:

Classroom Training

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