Energy Safety Fall Protection Course: Is It Right For You?

Safety Fall Protection

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The equipping of accurate health and safety training is an important aspect of all health and safety programs and also a key element of prudent forethought in the workplace. Managers have a responsibility to train their workers and supervisors so that they are capable of performing their jobs, recognizing hazards and understanding how to protect themselves from such hazards.

With an extensive system of Health, Safety and Environmental professionals available locally, nationally and internationally, our training programs are well positioned and well suited to meet your needs and requirements.

Blending flexibility with this depth of knowledge and pragmatic experience permits us to produce and execute almost any training course that you may need.

As such, the Energy Safety Canada Fall Protection Course in Calgary is an informed training program. And is also the course we will be reviewing in this article.

What is Energy Safety Canada Fall Protection

Energy Safety Canada Fall Protection training is a program developed to teach you Fall Protection procedures when you’re working from heights. If you need to use fall protection equipment in order to do your job, then you must be qualified and capable via the proper training.

The Energy Safety Canada Fall Protection program teaches you how to properly use fall protection equipment, as well as how to care for and maintain it.

Fall protection is a safety measure that incorporates the safe halting of someone in the process of falling. It’s one of many methods of fall protection, other systems include fall guarding and fall restraint.

In addition to the live, in-person component, online Fall Protection courses are also available.

Who Can Take This Training and What Will Be the Benefit

Regardless of the kind of site you’re on – whether temporary or permanent, big or small – this course applies to you if you’re a:

  • Construction worker
  • Electrician
  • Steelworker
  • Plumber
  • Warehouse worker
  • Any other type of labourer

What You Will Learn From This Training

This course is designed to teach you the guiding fundamentals of safe fall protection procedures. In it, you will learn:

  • Facts, figures, and statistics for fall accidents
  • Overseeing bodies that produce and reinforce the rules
  • Falling dynamics
  • Fall protection methods
  • Fall protection developing
  • Fall arrest system elements
  • Calculations for clearance & freefalls
  • Fitting of harness
  • Equipment assessments and evaluations
  • Trauma in regards to suspension
  • Principles for a safe rescue

What You Will Get From This Training

Energy Safety Canada Fall Protection classroom Course in Calgary conforms with the ESC Fall Protection Standard, as well as the Alberta OHS Code and CSA Guidelines. And once completed, graduates will gain a 3-year certification in ESC Fall Protection.

Why Choose AIP?

AIP’s dedication to safety is predicated on our vision to produce a workspace that puts unrestricted value on the wellbeing of the individual. Today, great opportunities are abundant for executing first-rate safety and health management methods that safeguard individuals as well as the environment.

This conviction, blended with our knowledge of our client’s needs, flexible schedules, dependable guidance, superior courses and fair pricing, makes us the ideal choice for your training needs. Contact us today to learn more.