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Fall Protection

Fall Protection Awareness - AIP Safety

Fall Protection Awareness is an important safety precaution in scaffolding, steel labour, construction, and other industries where working at elevated heights is required. That’s why AIP Safety has developed the online Fall Protection Awareness course.

A comprehensive and in-depth training; this course offers insights, information, and best practices for how to be more cognizant and develop a greater sense of safety in the workplace.

Here is what the Fall Protection Awareness course in Calgary has to offer.

What you can expect from the course

If you are a worker who is permanently or temporarily on a site with elevated work requirements, then this course is for you. Regardless of whether you’re a plumber, electrician, labourer, or everyday construction worker, this is a course that will serve you well when working aloft. Here’s what you can expect to learn:

The various kinds of Fall Protection

Whether it be guardrails, fall-arresting systems, travel-restraint systems, etc, this course will educate you on the various types of Fall Protection. You will learn which system is appropriate for each circumstance and how to best implement the system for optimal safety.

How to recognize fall risks and safeguard yourself from them

A risk of falling is real and prevalent in many industries where the work is labour intensive. For this reason, you must know how to spot hazards and how to protect yourself against them. The Fall Protection Awareness course teaches you what to look for and how to detect these risks, in addition to the best practices for safely mitigating them.

The equipment used in Fall Protection

In order to ensure your safety when working at elevated heights, the proper equipment must be utilized. The Fall Protection course will cover, in detail, the various equipment you’ll use to complete the job safely. You’ll learn all about:

    • Full-body harnesses
    • Lanyards
    • Retractable lifelines
    • Anchor points, etc

How to preserve your equipment to meet CSA Standards

To get the most out of the Fall Protection gear, it must be properly maintained. This course will teach you how to preserve the equipment so that it continually meets the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) standards.

Key Points on Fall Arrest Awareness

The Fall Protection Awareness course was designed to provide you with the key points of fall arrest protection. As such, you will be educated in the finer details of this topic to ensure you and others around you remain safe while on the job.

Some of the key points covered and expanded upon include:

    • Fall Arrest is used to stop employees safely after the event of a fall has taken place
    • When working at 3 metres or above, a worker is to be fully trained in fall arrest systems, this is a requirement of the law
    • Every manager is required to demonstrate attentiveness when training and educating workers
    • Once onsite (or online) training is completed, workers will have reached OHS compliance

Who needs Fall Awareness training?

Fall Arrest Awareness training is a prerequisite for anyone working at heights of 3 metres or higher. Many industries are subject to this rule, and therefore, require the proper training. Some of these fields include:

    • Forestry
    • Electrical labourers
    • Oil and gas industry
    • Construction
    • Private enterprise window washers
    • Manufacturing

The course is approximately an hour and a half in duration, and some of its highlights include learning games, 24-hour easy access, full audio description, safe payment processing, and much more.