H2S Alive Course – 5 things you need to know

H2S Alive

H2S Alive Course – 5 things you need to know - AIP Safety Calgary

Keeping yourself and those around you healthy and safe is crucial. This is why when working on a job site that deals with H2S gas, it is essential you sign your employees up for an H2S alive course.

What is H2S?

H2S is a naturally occurring gas that comes about when organic material decays. It is a heavy, colourless, flammable, and toxic gas, hydrogen sulfide, to be exact. Exposure to this gas can result in a coma or death. Milder symptoms of accidental exposure might include headaches and eye irritation, but these are only some of the risks you take when dealing with H2S. Even if you only breathe in 0.07% of this gas, you are at risk.

Where do you commonly find H2S gas?

  • Drilling and production of crude oil and natural gas
  • Wastewater treatments
  • Sewers
  • Utility facilities

What is H2S Alive Training?

When taking the training course for H2S Alive in Calgary you will be taught:

  • The properties of the gas
  • The effects of the gas
  • How to use safety equipment properly to avoid this gas
  • How to monitor this type of gas with specialized instruments
  • What to do if H2S gas is detected

So, what do you need to know about an H2S Alive course?

1. It is required

An H2S alive course is required by the Canadian petroleum industry. The reason for the requirement is because when working in this industry, you have an elevated risk of being exposed to hydrogen sulfide gas and higher levels of it.

2. Learn How to Use Industry Safety Equipment

In addition to learning what to do in the event of an H2S gas leak, you will learn how to use the safety equipment required for your job. Some of these items will be:

  • Skin protection gears
  • Face shield
  • Respirator

It is always beneficial to know how to use the equipment on site whether you are in a dangerous situation or not. Being prepared is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your employees.

3. Learn Response and Rescue Procedures

You will learn how to respond to and rescue your coworkers if need be. If you are completely safe but someone else is in danger, you can save their life by following the steps you are taught in an H2S Alive course.

4. Hands-on Approach

An H2S Alive training course will help you put into practice everything you learned and read. The course will create a mock scenario as if there was an actual gas leak and allow you to perform the actions learned through the course. This hands-on approach allows you to be better prepared should a real-life situation of this type occur.

5. Pre-Requisites

Here are the prerequisites required before taking the course:

  • Be able to put on a mask and breathe under air
  • Must be capable of participating in rescue drag techniques
  • Have a basic literacy and understanding of the language the course is taught in

Get prepared and sign yourself and your employees up for this type of safety course. The benefits are infinite when it comes to saving a life.