What is LOTO in industrial safety procedures?

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LOTO in industrial safety procedures - AIP Safety

LOTO stands for Lock Out, Tag Out and is an industrial safety training procedure that protects workers from harm. At AIP Safety, we offer a comprehensive Lock Out, Tag Out training course which includes how to properly isolate hazardous energy sources to facilitate a safe work environment, and properly shut off dangerous machines to ensure that they cannot be started up again before the completion of the necessary maintenance or repair work.

To learn more, keep reading because this article covers the basics of LOTO safety and the steps to follow when performing a lockout.

What is the purpose of Lock Out, Tag Out training?

Work processes often contain a form of hazardous energy when undergoing service or maintenance. The types of hazardous energy include:

  • Chemical
  • Electrical
  • Hydraulic
  • Mechanical
  • Pneumatic
  • Thermal,
  • and other sources of energy

Without LOTO safety training in Calgary, the equipment can unexpectedly start up or release hazardous energy, leading to serious injury or death to the people in the area.

Lock Out, Tag Out ensures that the machines, equipment and supply lines are isolated properly and turned off as part of industrial safety procedures that protect workers and prevents harm.

Lock out tag out training

The steps of a Lock Out, Tag Out procedure

Step 1: Preparation - During the preparation stage, the authorized employee must identify all types of hazardous energy and gain a thorough understanding of the means for controlling the specific energy.

Step 2: Shut Down - This stage involves the actual process of powering down and locking out the machine or equipment. The shut down step also includes informing any employees who will be affected by the shutdown.

Step 3: Isolation - Isolating the machine, equipment or supply lines means removing all energy sources, including turning off the power at a breaker or shutting a valve.

Step 4: Lockout/Tagout - The actual lockout/tagout step involves the authorized employee attaching a lockout and/or tagout device to each energy-isolating tool. The tagout refers to applying a tag on the device with the name of the person who performed the lockout.

Step 5: Stored Energy Check - Even with the energy source removed, it’s not a guarantee that no hazardous energy is stored within the machine or equipment. This step is necessary to identify any energy stored in the machine before performing maintenance.

Step 6: Isolation Verification - Once the machine or equipment is isolated from the source of power, locked out, and checked for residual energy, the last step is to double-check that each stage was completed correctly.

The above steps are covered in greater detail in our Lock Out Tag Out Training Course. But in a nutshell, the process of the LOTO procedure involves the discontinuation of equipment until the proper maintenance tasks can be performed. Exercising care in these delicate situations with these kinds of potentially dangerous machines is paramount.

And it’s up to the authorizing parties to ensure the safety of workers, as well as the workers’ cooperation to ensure the safety of everyone else. Everybody plays a role in these types of circumstances.


At AIP Safety, our safety philosophy is based on prevention. That’s why we provide the tools, knowledge, and resoruces necessary to educate workers. This helps to tip the scales toward a safe work day – every day. Our dedication to the best practices of health and safety on the jobsite are apparent. From the worldclass education through our training courses to the more than 10 years of continued service to our customers – AIP Safety is here for you.

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