4 Reasons Why Construction Workers Need Fall Protection Training

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Construction Workers Need Fall Protection Training - AIP Safety Calgary

Did you know that construction is considered to be one of the most dangerous lines of work? With safety hazards such as large machinery, protruding steel rods, heavy equipment, etc, it’s easy to see why the trades have earned such a reputation.

However, one of the most dangerous acts associated with construction is working from elevated heights. Over 40,000 workers are injured each year in Canada due to fall-related incidents. This is why fall protection training is so crucial to the safety and wellbeing of workers.

But the most disheartening part? A lot of these injuries are completely preventable. In this article, we will cover 4 reasons why construction workers need to have the proper fall protection training.

1. It’s the Law

The CCOHS (Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety) has put in place a multitude of safety specifications for employers to follow. And one of them is the obligation and responsibility to ensure workers are properly trained for the job.

This means they are knowledgeable of not only the job site, but also the materials, equipment, and any potential hazardous events that may occur. Included in this itinerary is the proper usage of fall protection as well as other systems used for safety. Sending employees to work without this type of formal training is against the law.

2. It’s a Necessary Safety Precaution

Having employees complete a fall protection course does more than safeguard your company from lawful authorities, it protects your workers from harm so they can do their job safely. If the work in question has a risk of falling involved, the information from a fall protection training course will educate them on how to protect themselves.

And whether that means contacting a superior for assistance, double-checking equipment to ensure safety, or simply just taking their time while working, the employee will know how to best handle the elevated scope of work in the safest manner possible.

3. For Legal and Security Purposes

If an accident takes place on a job site, lawyers will start by asking for documentation that shows everything relative to the fall protection standards of CCOHS has been adhered to. Having employees properly trained and educated is one of the stipulations CCOHS puts forth.

Furthermore, insurance firms may also want documentation that proves compliance. Recording the completion of a fall protection training course is of paramount importance in a situation such as this.

4. It’s Imperative for Success in Business

When it comes to working in the trades, one of the main factors that keep employees happy and productive is knowing that it’s safe to come to work each day. Additionally, safety at work will minimize overall costs as it pertains to other facets such as work-related injuries, sick days, etc.

Once your workers are properly trained in fall protection, it becomes a launchpad of enhanced safety within the company culture. And this will then be a jumping point of increased worker efficiency.

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