7 key benefits of first aid training in your workplace

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When you go to work, you may not be thinking of safety as a top priority, especially if you work in an office setting. However, regardless of the industry you work in, knowing how to handle an emergency is extremely important and thus, first aid training is a crucial component of your business operations.

Here at AIP Safety, we offer a myriad of first aid courses in Calgary. Moreover, we believe in the necessity of training to ensure a safe work environment for everybody.

For this reason, ensuring that your staff has gone through a first aid course and is properly trained can prove to be invaluable for the safety of both your employees and the workplace in which they occupy.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of first aid training in the workplace.

1. Keeps each other safe

By signing your employees up for a first aid course in Calgary, you are ensuring everyone will be prepared for emergencies. You can rely on each other to keep one another safe if need be. If someone in your workspace is in a life-threatening scenario, you could save their life by knowing how to use a defibrillator or perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Sometimes an ambulance or EMS takes time to get to you due to traffic jams or road closures. By understanding the process of CPR, you will be able to help someone in need before the emergency vehicles arrive.

This emphasis on self-reliance will not only boost employee confidence, but it could also save a life.

2. Keeps customers and loved ones safe

Not only does first aid training keep you and your employees safe, but it can keep your customers safe too. Accidents can and will happen. If someone gets injured in your place of work, you or your employees can perform the necessary actions to help prevent further harm. Knowing how to bandage a severe wound or perform CPR can mean the difference between a negative outcome or a life-saving moment.

Think also of your family and friends. First aid training gives you the know-how to help your loved ones in need if a dangerous scenario should occur. For this reason, first aid training is an essential aspect of bolstering your company morale and commitment to safety best practices.

Additionally, your staff will feel more indebted to you as an employer, since you care enough to invest in their skills and knowledge to help ensure the safety of themselves as well as others.

3. Team building

Signing all your employees up at once for a first aid course is a great team-building event. Employees have the chance to get to know each other and understand specific health complications that could arise at work. Knowledge is the key to a successful team and the benefits of first aid skills allow you to save a life.

A first aid course helps build trust within your organization as each of your employees feels safer knowing everyone has proper certified training to perform CPR if a case arises.

In addition, employees will feel more connected to one another due to the shared experience of completing a first aid training course together. This, in turn, can help increase cooperation between staff members, and as a result, bolster productivity and efficiency in the workplace. And that’s certainly something to think about!

First aid course First aid course

4. First aid kit understanding

Do you know how to use a first aid kit? Many people don’t know the first thing about first aid but with professional first aid training, everyone will be able to understand each component of the kit and how to help someone with it.

Every workplace should have a first aid kit handy because injuries do occur at work. Use of an eyewash or topical disinfectant can relieve a whole lot of pain and eliminate the need for further medical help. Even if your injury is just a small cut that needs a bandage, you will be happy there is a first aid kit on site.

Moreover, you’ll be happy that you’ve surrounding yourself with people who can competently use that first aid kit to ensure a prompt and speedy recovery.

5. Higher productivity

Employees won’t be tip-toeing around your site if they know they are in safe hands, therefore productivity will improve. If everyone takes a first aid course, they will feel more comfortable knowing they are protected in their work environment. Higher productivity is achieved when your employees feel comfortable in a situation.

Your workers will no longer feel anxious or unsure in the work environment. Why? Because a new sense of confidence will be born from the knowledge in safety best practices gained from a credible first aid training course.

6. Safety compliant

Do you want your company to maintain a positive reputation? Avoid workers’ compensation fines due to unsafe work procedures by ensuring all your employees know what to do in an emergency. Health and Safety protocols should be second nature to you and your employees.

Everyone should understand how first aid treatments work, helping you steer clear of injuries and hefty fines due to avoidable workplace accidents.

This will not only make workers more compliant to all the safety precautions on the job, but as a direct result, it will also reduce injuries (or close-calls) dramatically. And a safe work environment for everyone is an outcome you can’t put a price on.

7. Cost-effective

Every year, injuries cost employers a lot of downtime and money. Make sure your employees know what to do in an emergency. Get everyone on your worksite trained in first aid to avoid dangerous scenarios that could end up with an employee in extended recovery. This scenario can be avoided by getting someone the help they need sooner rather than later.

Get you and your employees signed up for a first aid course in Calgary and the benefits will start now. Over time, you’ll save yourself an unprecedented amount of money due to this small, simple investment in both your business and your employees.


Safety should be top of mind for every business owner, regardless of the size of your workforce. For this reason, when you invest in first aid training, it’s an investment that will pay dividends in both money reserved, and more importantly, employees saved.

That’s why we here at AIP Safety pride ourselves on the informative and educational resources we provide to help bolster company morale and worker safety. If you’re curious about learning more, contact us today for additional information.