Elevated Work Platform License: Benefits & Tips

Elevated Work Platform

Elevated Work Platform License Calgary

When a standard ladder won’t cut it, and you need the assistance of an elevated work platform to get to those hard-to-reach places on the job, an Elevated Work Platform License will serve you well.

What is an Elevated Work Platform?

Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) are portable machines that elevate or lower individuals and tools. They operate through extendable components such as telescopic arms, hinges, joints, or a mixture of these elements, originating from a stable base structure.

Types of Elevated Work Platforms

  • Portable Elevating Work Platforms or scissor lifts
  • Self-Propelled Elevating Work Platforms or scissor lifts
  • Self-propelled Boom Supported Elevating Work Platforms or zoom booms

Benefits of Elevated Work Platform Training

When working with elevated work platforms, there are many risks that workers can encounter. When you’re elevated into the air, and something goes wrong for your safety and those around you, it’s essential to know your next steps.

While MEWPs are designed to be safe and have built-in features that ensure safety, there are still instances where issues occur. Typical risks associated with these machines involve the possibility of them tipping, capsizing or bypassing built-in safety mechanisms. Workers must be aware when operating in proximity to electrical lines. Other issues can arise from exceeding the platform’s weight capacity, collisions with nearby moving equipment or vehicles, impacts from oscillating arms or injuries caused by scissor-like components, inadequate upkeep, unapproved alterations, or improper use of the equipment.

Having Elevated Work Platform Training allows you to be fully confident in operating such machinery and keeps your employer meeting government standards. The curriculum delves into legislation, stability, load calculations, safety checks, personal protective equipment, and more, ensuring an incident-free workforce competent in the operation, maintenance, and emergency response involving aerial work platforms.

Our Expert Tips

Keeping yourself and others safe in the workplace is critical and governs everything we do at AIP Safety. Some of our expert tips include:

  • Obtain proper training
  • Conduct pre-operation inspections
  • Plan and assess the task
  • Use PPE
  • Secure the work area
  • Operate within load limits
  • Safely maneuver the MEWP
  • Use fall protection systems
  • Regularly maintain and inspect equipment
  • Foster a safety culture

AIP Safety’s ESC Mobile Elevated Work Platform Course

AIP Safety’s ESC Mobile Elevated Work Platform course is essential for workers across various industries—such as plumbing, electrical, construction, and inspection—who operate elevated platforms.

Our comprehensive 8-hour course, mandated by the OH&S Code of Alberta and the ESC Elevated Work Platform standard, equips participants with the knowledge to safely navigate the hazards of working at heights. To enroll, individuals must hold a valid ESC Fall Protection certificate and, upon completion, will receive an ESC certification valid for three years.
To learn more about our ESC Mobile Elevated Work Platform Course, please contact us today.