Fall Protection Training Course: In Classroom Training

Fall Protection Training

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Did you know that 36% of all deaths in the workplace are related to falls? Fall Protection Training is a crucial component to worker safety while on the job. Having the proper training can drastically reduce the number of injuries and deaths.

For this reason, AIP Safety offers Fall Protection Training classroom Courses in Calgary. Our goal is to educate – and as a result – protect as many workers as possible in potentially dangerous workplace conditions.

Who can take this training and what will be the benefit

This Fall Protection Training Course in Calgary is geared toward any employee working on a site where the job description involves heights as specified by OH&S. This can include:

    • Construction workers
    • Plumbers
    • Warehouse staff
    • Steel labourers
    • Electricians, etc

Additionally, this program is congruent with the CSA standards as well as other pertinent laws and bylaws instituted by the province.

What you will learn from this training

This course provides the foundational framework for fall arrest training. You will learn the importance of fall arrest in addition to the best practices for optimum safety and security.

Fall protection can be described as the secure stopping of someone whose fall has been set in motion. However, Fall Protection is only a single variation of the several forms of fall arrest. Some of which include:

    • Fall restraint: Protection that stops someone who is in danger of falling in an area prone to falls.
    • Fall guarding: Broad protection that staves off someone from setting foot in a high-risk falling zone.

Employees need to be trained in the proper utilization of fall protection hardware. And all of the regulations have been put forth by the OH&S Code of Alberta.

Furthermore, this is a 4 hour fall protection training course in Calgary that was created to teach and inform employees on designing, utilizing, and executing the proper methods of Fall Protection.

What will you get from this training?

This is a course that will provide you with a concrete understanding of the basics of Fall Protection. Some of the course objectives include:

    • Proper usage of methods and equipment
    • Necessity of the proper safety outlook
    • Lifelines (both vertical and horizontal)
    • Anchor points and systems
    • Choice, examination, and safekeeping of equipment
    • Systems for examination
    • Rules

Why choose us?

Supplying proper safety training is an incredibly important aspect of the programs we deliver. For this reason, managers have the responsibility to train their workers to make certain that they can perform their work duties optimally and competently, in addition to understanding the potential hazards so they can remain safe.

AIP Safety offers an expert team of highly-qualified professionals to meet the requirements of clients.

Furthermore, we also provide both in-class training in addition to online training in order to accommodate any busy schedule.