Forklift Initial Training Course: In Classroom Training

Forklift Initial Training

Male & Female staff provide Forklift Initial Training - AIP Safety

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), there are 34,900 forklift accidents every year, resulting in 85 deaths annually.

Similar to operating an automobile without sufficient practice or instruction, driving a forklift without the proper training presents a dangerous work environment to both the operator as well as other workers.

The good news is: the majority of forklift accidents and injuries can be staved off with the right safety training. And that’s where AIP’s Forklift Initial Training Course can be of value.

Here is a quick overview of the Forklift Initial Training Course in Calgary.

Who can take this training course and what will be the benefit?

This course is designed for students with no prior experience when it comes to operating a forklift. Once you have completed the course, you will be certified to operate a forklift in addition to other industrial-managed vehicles.

The course certification will remain valid for up to 3 years.

What you will learn in this training course

Also referred to as a fork truck, forklift truck, or lift truck; a forklift is an industrial truck that’s used to pick up and transfer materials, packages, crates, etc, over small distances. Powered by either gas or electricity. Forklifts of the electric variety are powered via a commercial battery, while gas-powered forklifts use combustion motors, which utilize various kinds of fuel.

In this course, you will receive a comprehensive overview of the myriad of forklifts available. In addition, you’ll also learn about the necessity of forklifts in the day-to-day operations of warehouses.

This is an 8-hour forklift training course created to produce an expert, keen, and collaborative frame of mind toward safety for general lift truck functionality.

What will you get from this training

When you have successfully completed this course, you can expect a much stronger understanding of basic forklift operations. Additionally, the course also offers:

    • Skills necessary for someone to become a competent operator
    • Observation and safety examinations; secure fuel replenishing
    • Pallet safety best practices
    • Forklift steering strategies
    • Elevating, transferring and unloading materials
    • Outline of secure operating fundamentals
    • Proper ramp and dock functionality
    • Safety practices for packing dock and trailer securely
    • Safety manual for proper forklift operations

Why choose us?

Delivering the necessary education in regards to health and safety is an essential aspect of all training strategies. Additionally, it is a crucial element of thoroughness and rigour while on the job.

And here at AIP Safety, we ensure that you receive this high-quality education through our various training programs. As such, we provide both in-person and online training for your convenience.

We offer a substantial web of Health, Safety and Environmental experts available regionally, nationally and globally. Moreover, our team of professionals is well versed in meeting the needs and requirements of clients.