Fall protection training – Do you need it and why?

Fall protection training

Fall protection training

Does your job require you to be working a substantial distance above the ground level? Anyone who works 3 meters or higher up in the air is required to have fall protection training. This type of training is also needed if there are no guardrails on your job site to help protect you in the event of losing your footing.

What exactly is fall protection?

Safety controls are put in place to help protect workers from falling and causing bodily injuries. If you do fall, a properly installed fall protection system will limit your fall to prevent you from hitting the ground or an object below and limit the forces applied to your body, greatly reducing the likelihood of a serious injury.

Fall protection course Fall protection course

What types of industries is fall protection training most commonly used for?

  • Construction
  • Aircraft
  • Industrial
  • Service
  • Energy

What are some topics covered in a fall protection course?

  • Identifying and analyzing hazards of falling
  • Fall protection maintenance and inspections
  • Responding to falls
  • Operating fall protection equipment
  • Minimizing falls

How long does a fall protection course take?

The fall protection training course is generally about 4 hours.

Fall protection training is very important at any job that requires you to work high above the ground. Your training helps protect you from getting seriously injured or falling to your death. As an employer, offering a fall protection course to your employees will help limit accidents that lead to workers’ compensation claims. A fall protection course will give you peace of mind knowing you likely won’t have to deal with a workplace injury that could result in a reduced workforce or worse, a death of an employee as a result of a brutal fall.

Fall protection training certification is valid for 3 years. If you have not taken the course in a while, a refresher course can provide you with updated information to keep you safe. Several hours out of your day to reinforce safety training is worth the time spent. Whether you are working on some scaffolding just a few metres up in the air or constructing a building several floors above the ground, it is better to be safe than sorry. A fall protection training course can save your life!

It is a good idea for anyone working on ladders to consider taking a fall protection course. Accidents on ladders happen regularly and usually when you are on the highest rung.

Stay safe for yourself and those who depend on you. Fall protection training is readily available to ensure you can stay focused on your job with safety as the number one priority.