How Your Workplace Can Benefit From Confined Space Training

Confined Space Training

Confined Space training - AIP Safety

Confined space training. It is one of the easiest ways to protect your workforce from claustrophobic situations while on the job. And this is important as there are innumerable industries, professions, and trades that require workers to subject themselves to confined areas in order to get a certain job done.

For this reason, AIP Safety offers confined space training in Calgary. Our courses are in-depth, comprehensive, and taught by experienced and knowledgeable instructors. As a result, the education of your workforce is in good hands.

Keep reading to learn more about how confined space training can benefit your workplace.

Why Choose us?

At AIP Safety, we believe experience is the best teacher. That’s why our instructors are tradesmen and women who have real industry experience in the field. They bring their knowledge, expertise, and relatable stories to teach and inform you of the best safety practices for confined space entry and rescue training.

Moreover, the main desire of each instructor is to simply instill the mindset of safety in their students. With clean classrooms, first-rate content, and personable instructors, your workers will not only learn, but they’ll also enjoy each class – from start to finish.

Confined Space Training In Calgary

Confined space training is a course that offers much in terms of versatility. For example, it is applicable to industries beyond that of the typical construction field. This course is relevant to such fields as industrial, manufacturing, residential or commercial buildings, oil and gas or any other industry or vocation where confined spaces are commonplace in the line of work.

Once the course is completed, a 3 year certification in confined space training will be granted.

Details of the Confined Space Training Course

According to the Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Code, a confined space is a described as a restrictive area that is deemed hazardous to the safety of a worker. This could be due to an atmospheric susceptibility such as compromised oxygen levels, altering circumstances within the confined space, or activities within the space that can produce dangerous results.

There are a myriad of potential hazards that can present themselves in a confined space. As such, education is key for avoiding danger and ensuring the safety of the worker.

Some of these dangers include:

  • Gas exposure
  • Fires
  • Entrapments
  • Trips and/or falls
  • Deficiency of air

Outline for the Confined Space Training Course

Employees must know how to properly manage (or if possible, avoid) hazards while on the job. Here is a quick outline of the Confined Space Training course in Calgary, so you know what to expect from the curriculum:

Course Outline

  • The dangers of confined spaces and how to manage them
  • Learning what constitutes a confined space and how to identify them
  • Pertinent legislation
  • Safety best practices for workplace procedures
  • Lock-out procedures
  • Clear and effective communication skills, and much more

Final Thoughts

Worker safety should be top of mind for every company. And that’s why we here at AIP Safety provide the tools, education, and resources necessary to make the workplace safer for everyone on the job. If you’re interesting in learning more about our course, be sure to get in contact with us today for additional information.