The Best Way to Ensure Worker Safety at Elevated Heights

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Worker Safety at Elevated Heights - AIP Safety

Job sites can be dangerous. That’s why we here at AIP Safety believe in the protection and welfare of every worker on the job. As such, we offer a myriad of in-depth training courses to enhance worker safety; ensuring a safe workplace for all employees. For this reason, we provide the resources necessary to educate, inform, and instruct.

And this is perfectly exemplified in our elevated work platform training (MEWP). Whether you have workers operating articulating boom lifts, cherry pickers, forklifts, standard scissor lifts, or anything in between, our comprehensive training is a necessity.

Keep reading to learn more about MEWP training in Calgary.

Elevated Work Platform Training

At AIP, our unwavering commitment to the best practices of workplace safety are evident in our adherence to the industry standards of worker protection. As such, our elevated work platform training course is a detailed and comprehensive guide for field-proven procedures to ensure the safety of all workers.

Details of the Course

MEWP training in Calgary involves educating workers on the proper utilization of lifts, booms, and other construction machines. These essential devices are used to complete jobs at elevated heights while also securing worker safety in the process.

And the course will divulge all forms of utility as well as the applications that these machines are used for.

Typically, these lifts are manufactured to bear modest amounts of weight (usually under a ton) relative to bigger contraptions such as cranes. And because these lifts have such utility, they are – by far – among the most critical machines used within the construction field.

Moreover, the course also educates equipment operators in all of the best practices such as worker safety, proper upkeep, and essential routine procedures while operating the scissors lifts.

Additional Course Benefits

The Elevated Work Platform Course in Calgary spans 4 weeks and was created to garner a positive outlook and perspective toward the safe operation of special workplace equipment.

Additional course objectives include:

  • Teaching the skills to become an adept operator
  • Enhancing the ability to operate an aerial lift safety and competently
  • Sharing the rules & responsibilities of those involved in lift performance
  • How to conduct safety checks, inspections, and proper upkeep of equipment
  • Teaching how to perform practical maneuvers
  • Teaching proper fall protection best practices for lift operations
  • Assessment of the dangers and risks in different circumstances

Final Thoughts

In order to ensure a safe workplace, all employees must be trained and educated so they can competently do the job that their role requires. As such, MEWP training in Calgary is an essential course for any employee working from a construction lift at elevated heights.
At AIP Safety, we adhere to industry standards for workplace safety, and as result, adhere to the commitment of ensuring each worker leaves the job as healthy as they came. Contact us today to learn more about our world class courses and trainings.