Skid Steer Safety: Protection Training Requirements for Skid Steer Courses

Skid Steer Safety

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A skid steer loader is an in-demand machine used for transporting loose gravel and performing light excavation tasks. They are some of the most multi-faceted pieces of machinery today, with many useful extensions. Skid steers are used on construction and industrial job sites.

Moreover, their distinction as adaptable and scrappy machines makes them highly sought-after instruments for many production requirements, particularly for larger structures or loose bulk material for manufacturing purposes.

Requirements for Skid Steer Training in Calgary

Alberta occupational health and safety requires that skid steer operators be trained. This standard is set forth for the protection of the operator, fellow workers, and the safe operation of the skid steer itself. For this reason, AIP Safety offers a Skid Steer Refresher Course to ensure workplace safety while the machine is operational. Additionally, Alberta OH&S has included programs and certifications workers must complete before stepping on specific sites or using certain equipment.

And this benchmark is applicable to steer skid operations.

The Advantages of Skid Steer Safety Training Courses

A training program will cover variables impacting stability, safe and sound functioning, site assessment, material handling, and mining methods. In addition, classroom training will accompany an in-house assessment where operators are educated on exemplary practices and eliminating dangerous behaviours. Frequently, skid steering operations are performed near facilities and other workers.

For this reason, critiques and evaluations are important. Training for dangers and threats, obtaining coaching and feedback on compact loader best practices, and getting personal operator assessments are crucial for the safe operation of skid steers. And luckily, these advantages can be found in skid steer training classes.

Next Step: Consider Skid Steer Training in Calgary

The utility of compact loaders is apparent. But proper training is just as crucial in the safe operation of these machines. That’s why AIP Safety offers a Loader & Skid Steer Refresher Training Course. As proponents of safe training and workplace best practices, we boast a vast network of Health, Safety and Environmental experts locally, nationally and internationally.

Moreover, our training services are positioned to meet your work application needs. Contact us today to upgrade your workforce education safety training.