OSSA Is Now ESC: What to Know About the Confined Space Training Course

OSSA is now ESC

Confined Space Training Course

Enform Canada (Enform) and Oil Sands Safety Association (OSSA) merged in October 2017 to form a new organization called Energy Safety Canada (ESC). The merger improves safe work training and avoids duplications in training.

AIP Safety is offering ESC Confined Space Training on behalf of Energy Safety Canada, designed for industries that require workers to take confined space training. The ESC training includes educational content for workers on construction sites, oil and gas facilities, commercial buildings, manufacturing, and more.

ESC Training Description

On behalf of Energy Safety Canada, AIP Safety provides ESC Confined Space Training. The training certification is regulated by Energy Safety Canada, so the information and instructionals remain at industry standard quality.

Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Code and ESC describe a confined space as a restrictive area, posing a potential safety hazard to workers entering the space. This description is used due to define:

  • A dangerous atmosphere from oxygen deficiency.
  • A state or altering set of conditions within the area that present a possibility of harm or sickness.
  • The probable or innate activity attributes which may create damaging effects within the room or area.

Confined spaces can produce risks to workers, including threats of harmful or asphyxiant exposure to gases, fires, trips, or entrapments. As such, workers must remain mindful of these potential hazards and learn how to bypass or handle them in their everyday work responsibilities.

ESC Course Objectives

ESC Confined Space is a full-day course lasting 8 hours. It teaches the basic understanding of confined space entry practices, regulations, and other essentials. Further, participants are taught how to perform the required tasks and assignments of a Confined Space Monitor.

  • Confined Space Monitor Basics
  • Entry Tags & Signage
  • Confined Space Identification and definitions
  • Legislation and Regional Code of Practice
  • Flammable Explosive Atmospheres
  • Oxygen Enrichment/Flammable Atmospheres
  • Confined Space Monitor Responsibilities
  • Confined Space Entry Planning and Hazard Assessment
  • Requirements for Isolation, Ventilation, Purging, and more

The ESC Training Course: More Education, Safer Job Sites

The ESC training course in Calgary is an industry-standard educational program. It’s a job site necessity when working in confined spaces. Don’t your workers deserve the education required to do their jobs safely? Of course, they do. At AIP Safety, we work with an international network of safety professionals.

Our commitment to safe workplace best practices shows in our high-quality training services. So if you’re ready, contact us today to train your workforce in our industry-standard safety programs.