Start a New Career in the New Year With Forklift Certification Training

Forklift Training

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A new year often brings new goals and challenges. Sometimes, it also brings career changes and advancement. Forklift training is an invaluable certification for various industries and can help you achieve your career advancement goals. From manufacturing to construction, the ability to operate a forklift is a fantastic skill to have and central to many operations, making it highly sought after.

The Benefits of Forklift Training

Professional forklift training has many benefits, including comprehensive safety and compliance training and opening doors for career advancement.

Training typically includes learning how to properly handle and maintain a forklift, awareness of hazards and the machine’s limitations, and how to follow strict safety protocols to avoid the risk of incidents and injuries in the workplace.

Since most forklift training courses are designed for those without experience with forklifts, participants will learn the fundamentals of workplace safety when handling such machinery. Fostering a culture of safety minimizes risk and creates a more efficient and productive workplace.

OHS statistics indicate that there are roughly 85 forklift fatalities and 34,900 serious injuries annually. One of the leading factors of most forklift incidents is the need for more training. Proper training means the organization is committed to safety standards and ethical conduct.
Compliance not only avoids legal issues but also promotes a culture of safety.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Forklift training provides skills that can open the door for different positions, better compensation, and career growth. Since so many industries require trained forklift operators, certification makes you eligible for those roles.

A forklift certification is often the starting point for further professional development. Operators can pursue advanced certifications or training in logistics, supply chain management, or operational safety, further enhancing their career prospects.

With a forklift certification, you may be considered for supervisory or managerial roles in warehouse management, logistics, or inventory control. Employers often look for individuals with practical skills and certifications when promoting from within. In a competitive job market, having additional certifications can make you a more valuable employee, enhancing job security.
Forklift certification can also lead to opportunities in specialized areas such as hazardous material handling, large-capacity cargo operations, or advanced logistical work.

Forklift Training with AIP

Our comprehensive Forklift Training Calgary course is a vital step towards ensuring workplace safety and professional competency in the operation of forklifts. Adhering to the latest CSA Standard Requirements, this 8-hour course is perfectly tailored for beginners, encompassing both practical hands-on training and theoretical classroom instruction.

Upon successful completion, participants earn a certification in powered industrial truck operation, valid for three years. This course not only covers the essential regulations and skills needed for professional forklift operation but also emphasizes the importance of safety measures like inspection checks, pallet safety, and forklift maneuvering techniques.

Our training is crucial in mitigating the significant number of forklift-related fatalities and injuries annually, as highlighted by OHS statistics. Remember, no driver’s license is required, and the certification cost is a worthwhile investment in safety and professionalism. Join us to develop a responsible attitude towards forklift operation and contribute to a safer working environment. Book your Forklift Training Course today.