What You Need to Know About the Confined Space Training Program

Confined Space Training

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Confined spaces remain a major phobia for many people. In fact, this fear can echo into many facets of our everyday experience. It has the ability to hamper a person’s personal or professional life in many unexpected ways. But luckily, if your staff have a fear of confined spaces, or simply need educating in this regard, resources are available.

Confined space training in Calgary is accessible to anyone willing to learn it. As such, we’ll be diving into what you will learn, who will be best suited for it, and what you will get upon completion of training.

What is confined space training?

Confined space training is an instructional course in Calgary. It’s designed to instruct and educate workers in the best practices of claustrophobic worksite situations and is relevant to various industries, fields, and professions.

The educational content provided in this course is best suited for worksites in the following industries:

  • Office buildings
  • Construction
  • Railway
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and gas industry, etc

Who can take this training and what will be the benefit?

Anyone in an industry where the work required is located within a confined space can take this training course. The Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Code clearly identifies the components that constitute a confined space.

The advantages to this training program are many. The trainee will receive a strong education that details the hazards associated with confined spaces – as well as the knowledge of how to handle said hazards – are all laid out in the program.

This includes but is in no way limited to:

  • Slip, trips, falls
  • Entrapment
  • Risks of gas exposure
  • Fires

What will you learn from this training?

This detailed and all-encompassing training program will teach various insights and fill in numerous knowledge gaps for workers. After training, your staff will be well informed (and equipped) to handle confined spaces and the potential dangers that come along with them.

Here are a few additional topics on the docket:

  • The dangers of confined spaces
  • How to properly recognize a confined space
  • Best practices for safety (pre-entry meeting and post-entry debriefing)
  • Proper codes of conduct
  • Optimal communication
  • Limits of exposure

What will you get from this training?

When you (or your staff) have successfully completed this training program, you will receive a confined space training certificate (awareness, entry & rescue, level 1 & 2). This accreditation will remain valid for 3 years upon the date of completion.

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