The Importance of Energy Safety Canada’s Mobile Elevated Work Platform Course

Mobile Elevated Work Platform Course

Mobile Elevated Work - AIP Safety

Aerial work platforms (AWP), elevating work platforms (EWP), and mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP) have become some of the most utilized pieces of equipment due to their wide range of applications. While they are invaluable machines for many industries and environments, they do come with serious hazards and risks, including severe injury and even death.

Working on an elevated platform exposes workers to risks such as:

  • Falls
  • Tipping
  • Contact with structure
  • Contact with live overhead wires

Workers are required to take an elevated work platform training as legislated by the OH&S Code of Alberta and the ESC Elevated Work Platform standard.

Prerequisites for the Mobile Elevated Work Platform Course

Before taking this course, you MUST HOLD A VALID ESC FALL PROTECTION CERTIFICATE COURSE. Please note that not all fall protection courses are an ESC-certified programs. Be sure to register for the right training to receive the proper prerequisite.

The ESC Mobile Elevated Work Platform Course is designed for any person operating an AWP, EWP, or MEWP, including but not limited to:

  • Warehouse workers
  • Construction workers
  • Electricians
  • Steel workers
  • Inspectors
  • Plumbers

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be issued an ESC certificate that is valid for three years and will allow you to operate a lift on the majority of worksites in Canada.

ESC Elevated Work Platform Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to train workers and bring regional stakeholders together to identify, develop, and implement strategies and tools to create an “incident-free workforce”. Those required to use an elevated work platform and fall protection equipment must be trained and competent in its proper use, care, and maintenance.

In this 8-hour ESC Elevated Work Platform course, you will learn the following:

  • Legislation and standards as they relate to Elevated Work Platforms
  • Employer and Worker Responsibilities
  • Elements of Pre-Work Planning
  • Load Limitations and Calculations
  • Stability
  • Pre-Use Check and Visual Inspection
  • Personal Protective Equipment Requirements
  • System Components
  • Working from Heights
  • Platform Types
  • Machine Specific Features
  • Safe Operation
  • The Training and Competency requirements
  • Rescue and Escape Planning
  • Recognition, Evaluation, and Control of Hazards

AIP Safety offers both the required ESC Fall Protection Course and the ESC Mobile Elevated Work Platform Course on behalf of Energy Safety Canada, so you know you are receiving quality training based on industry regulations and standards.