About AIP’s Confined Space Training: Awareness Level 1 Course

Confined Space Training: Awareness Level 1 Course

Confined Space Training Level 1 - AIP Safety

According to OH&S regulations, a confined space is any space that meets all three of the following conditions:

  • Is enclosed or partially enclosed.
  • Is not designed or intended for continuous human occupancy and,
  • Has a limited or restricted means of entry or exit or an internal configuration that could complicate the provision of first aid, evacuation, rescue or other emergency response.

Employers must provide workers who are required to work in confined spaces with the proper training and education to reduce health and safety risks and hazards. At AIP Safety, our Confined Space Training: Awareness Level 1 Course covers all of the factors that workers are required to know and be trained in before working in a confined space.

Hazards & Risks Associated With Confined Spaces

Fortunately, confined space incidents are rare. However, when accidents do occur, the consequences can be devastating. Working in a confined space can cause life-changing injuries and death. Alberta’s OH&S Safety Code states that a confined space may become hazardous due to:

  • An atmosphere that is or may be injurious by reason of oxygen deficiency or enrichment, flammability, explosivity or toxicity.
  • A condition or changing set of circumstances within that space that presents a potential for injury or illness.
  • The potential or inherent characteristics of an activity which can produce adverse or harmful consequences within the space.

The main hazards and risks of confined spaces include:

  • Lack of oxygen, leading to shortness of breath, confusion, acute respiratory distress, and more.
  • Poisonous gases, fumes, and vapours due to a lack of ventilation.
  • Flooding, potentially causing drowning.
  • Dust, leading to fatal or long-term respiratory problems.
  • Fire and explosions due to flammable vapours, liquids, and gases.
  • Elevated temperature levels, causing heatstroke, exhaustion, and collapse.
  • Restricted access, making emergency rescues difficult.

Confined Space Training: Awareness Level 1 Course Objectives

This course is applicable to industries that have confined spaces on their worksites. Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a Confined Space Training: Awareness Level 1 certification valid for three years that will allow you to work safely and confidently in a confined space.

In this 4-hour Confined Space Training course, you will learn the following:

  • How to identify a confined space
  • Hazards of confined spaces
  • Exposure limits
  • Relevant legislation
  • Safe work procedures
  • Codes of practice
  • Preparation for entry (pre-entry meetings)
  • Lock-out procedures
  • Safe work permits
  • Communication skills
  • Post-entry debriefing

Protect your workers and help create an “incident-free workforce” with the proper training, education, and resources from AIP Safety.